Meet Harmony

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Hello, I’m Harmony!


Growing up in NW Montana in the shadow of Glacier Park with a chiropractor father and a homebirth doula/ex-hippie mom, I learned the value of natural remedies from a young age.  Things like kombucha, sourdough starters, apple cider vinegar and herbal tinctures made from our garden, were commonplace in my life 40 years before they were trendy.

My first job was a chiropractic assistant in my dad’s office where he instilled in me compassion for people with chronic aches, pains and a desire to help.  He taught me the body can heal itself if given the right tools, its often just a matter of finding out what is needed. My love for magnesium oil began during my fifth pregnancy, I learned it can be used to help alleviate round ligament cramping, leg cramps, lower back pain, and melted away the tension in my neck and shoulders.  

My mom taught me that olive oil, avocado oil  and Vitamin E can be used to benefit your body; inside AND out, why we needed them, when & how to apply them. I took these concepts she demonstrated to me and elevated them using other natural healing ingredients such as mango butter, apricot kernel and Shea Butter. Her love for the natural world combined with a passion for ministering to others inspired me to do the same. 

My love and appreciation for essential oils has given me much inspiration along the way, to add both fragrance and promote healing elements to my products. I continue to learn and grow more each year along with my product line!