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Bodacious Body Cream


Our Natural Bodacious Body Creams, created with Shea and Mango Butters to hydrate, nourish and repair dry/cracked skin. Calendula/Plantain/Olive/Avocado oil herbal infusion promote healing and soothe skin affected with eczema and dermatitis. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, they will soften and feed your thirsty skin, protect it from harsh environmental stressors, aid in reducing scars, blemishes and stretch marks. Use from head to toe and anywhere in between! Wonderful choice for pregnant bellies, babies and dry skin.

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6 reviews for Bodacious Body Cream

  1. Renee (verified owner)

    I just love this lotion ! The Montana Sky fragrance is special to me & makes me so happy. After I apply to my hands, I hold them to my nose & breathe in deeply & enjoy.
    I also just love Harmony! She’s such a sweet person & I’m so thankful for her efforts in making great products.

  2. Caitlynne

    I absolutely love everything about the body cream! My skin is very sensitive and I have not been able to apply any kind of lotion after shaving my legs for years, this does NOT irritate my sensitive legs at all! I am beyond happy with the product. My favorite scent is Montana Sky.

  3. Charity

    Oops I forgot to mention my favorite lotion is called the Glacier Breeze, it has peppermint in it for a cooling affect on your skin mixed with vanilla, its the perfect combination. This lotion is truly the first homemade lotion I have ever wanted to use, its like its made for your skin to eat rather than just something to rub on top, I will not use most brands of lotion because they feel oily and yet I am the type who uses lotion all day long, I cannot say enough good things about this lotion, it leaves your skin feeling like it just got revived not suffocate. Mountain Breeze is my second fav, it also is my husbands.

  4. Angeline Simmons

    I’m loving the Mountain Air lotion

  5. Martha

    I have never had a body cream that didn’t make my skin feel gross until I used this one. It is amazing! I can’t live without it. I use after a shower, and it seals in the moisture without making my skin feel like it is coated with grease. My favorite scents are the ones with citrus and Winterberry. Plus, it comes in a jar that can be recycled, which is always nice.

  6. Charity, your Biggest fan!

    I absolutely love this lotion, I buy a large amount and have been for years, I use it after I a shower and especially on my legs after shaving and never get my usual itchy dryness problems when I put this on, my favorite smells are the Montana Sky and my custom order of peppermint vanilla, I use all of redeeming Harmony product religiously as they are my favorite handmade lotions and oils hands down, they don’t sit heavy on my skin and this lotion absorbs very well and does not leave my skin greasy, so worth giving it a try.

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