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Beard and Face Oil


All Natural Beard and Face Oil will moisturize the skin under and around your beard to prevent itching and dryness. With essential oils Fir and Pine, the smell will bring to mind freshly chopped wood, or a tromp through the forest.. Created with oils that faces love and need like Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E paired with our custom herbal infused Calendula/Plantain/Comfrey/Echinacea/Olive/Avocado oil blend, skin inflammation doesn’t stand a chance.  Helpful for taming beards and manes, as well as an aftershave for beardless faces.

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1 review for Beard and Face Oil

  1. Brigid Jenkins

    Amazing! So soft and easy to use. The wrinkles and discolored spots are fading. Thank you Harmony!

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