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Restorative Face Oil


Restorative Face Oil, a gentle, soothing blend of calendula and plantain infused oils, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, apricot kernel oil, fractionated coconut oil and lavender essential oil. These particular oils naturally reverse the effects of age spots, wrinkles, facial scarring and will comfort and nourish inflamed or irritated skin without plugging your pores!

Use morning and night after washing face for best results.

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3 reviews for Restorative Face Oil

  1. Michelle

    This is my absolute favorite skincare product! There is no better skin care routine I’ve found. It’s one product, it’s easy to use and it works beautifully! I went from putting 5 different creams/serums on my face (good clean products but expensive and time consuming) to putting just this one on my face. (BONUS: I can pronounce every ingredient!) It works great for both cleansing and moisturizing & it smells amazing! Lavender is my fave because it’s so calming and feels great on my skin.

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised that caring for my skin throughout my pregnancy and now as a new mom has proved to be such a simple task. I’m not letting this part of my self care routine slide because it’s so easy and worthwhile.

    Thank you, Harmony!

  2. Rachel

    I bought this oil in fall 2019 at a farmer’s market. I still have some of that little bottle in my bathroom, and I use it about once a day, maybe once every other day. I just apply a few drops at a time, and my skin soaks it right in. I’ve loved it since day one, and I have had fewer breakouts, less oily spots throughout the day, and overall healthier looking skin! I highly recommend this restorative face oil!

  3. Charity

    The idea of putting oil on my face never appealed to me until I first used this product, I can put a healthy amount of this oil on my face after I wash it at night and it soaks in so fast you can hardly tell, it truly restores skin, I have friends who use it morning and night and have noticed a huge change in their face wrinkles.

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