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Drawing Salve


This Activated Charcoal/Bentonite Clay based Drawing Salve was inspired by a friend. She discovered the combination of these two natural products to be highly effective in the recovery of spider and bug bites, and takes the sting out of bee stings! We combined her experience with our beloved Comfort Salve (also a bug bite remedy)and Melaleuca essential oil to ward off bacteria and created a wonderful Drawing and Healing Salve that we are proud of. We recommend trying this Salve under a bandage to keep it over the affected area as it does it’s job of drawing out the itch/irritation caused by the bite or sting, or to dry up a small pimple or boil.

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3 reviews for Drawing Salve

  1. Michelle

    I wish I could show photos but (eeeek) the internet! Anyways, I had a blemish that just would not go away! It was deep so it never surfaced… TMI… but before I bed I rubbed a dime size amount of the drawing salve on it and did the rest of my night routine! I was literally shocked 😳… in less than 30 minutes the infection and gunk already surfaced! So if your looking for an ache cream or a spot treatment cream, this was amazing! Also doesn’t really dry out your skin in the end!

  2. Charity D.

    A few years back I got into a patch of Poison Oak, it ended up spreading all over both my legs and arms, I bought every kind of poison oak sprays, balms, soaps, drugs i could get my hands on but they did nothing and maybe even made it worse, this rash was worse than anything anyone had seen and it lasted for months, the only remedy for the itch was to slather this stuff on after a hot water rinse and it took the itch from
    Being a 10 to a 2, it pulled the puss out so the area was able to heal, I ended up also using a yarrow treatment along side this that finally killed it but this stuff went with me everywhere for months because nothing else worked. Thank You Redeeming Harmony for making product that delivers what it says it will!

  3. Ryan

    I work in a wood shop and are always getting splitters. One particularly bad one got a little infected so I put some of the drawing salve on with a bandage. I only had it on overnight and by the next morning there was no inflammation. I was very impressed. Now I keep it in the shop with me.

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