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Arnica, Calendula + Comfrey Salve


Arnica/Calendula/Comfrey Salve helps relieve arthritis pain/stiff joints and promotes recovery from sprains, strains, muscle pulls, swelling, bruises, and comforts sore tired feet. Useful as an after surgery recovery salve, once the open wound has closed up. It warms the area and brings blood flow, and is naturally an anti-inflammatory. Gentle enough to use on children.

Avoid using directly on open wounds however as it can cause inflammation or irritation if used on broken skin, wait for scab to form before applying.

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1 review for Arnica, Calendula + Comfrey Salve

  1. Angeline Simmons

    I garden and wash my hands a lot, and I have opted to use this salve in place of regular lotions for its healing properties. It has been very much appreciated! I keep a snall jar in my purse always.

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