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Magnesium Lotion


Natural relief for pregnancy aches, growing pains, strains, muscle cramping, menstrual cramping, sore feet and bruising. A combination of Magnesium Oil and Body Cream, great to use right after showering as a moisturizer and to prevent charley horses in the night. Not as concentrated as Magnesium Oil, so use liberally! Great for children, babies and pregnant moms.

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2 reviews for Magnesium Lotion

  1. Michelle (verified owner)

    I had a headache one evening. I am someone who always runs to over-the-counter medicines. I have a really low pain tolerance. This headache was bad, and I rubbed the lotion on my temples! I couldn’t believe it… without 20-30 minutes my headache was gone! This product is a must have !!!!

  2. Charity

    This is a newer product but I have ready used up a whole bottle in 1 month as a back rub lotion and it is very affective! Shoulder pain or neck pain? This stuff really does work!!! I rub it on to any sore spot, it feels good rubbed onto muscle cramps, my friend has tendinitis really bad and when his wife rubs this on his foot he says it helps a lot.

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