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Comfort Salve


Comfort Salve soothes inflamed skin and helps it heal. The combination of 5 of our favorite flower/herbs: calendula, plantain, comfrey, echinacea and lavender create an unusually effective home remedy that stimulates the immune system and encourages cell regrowth. Helpful for rashes or itchy/irritated skin, bug bites, cat/dog scratches, chapped lips and hands, sunburn/windburn, cuts and wounds and is a perfect boo-boo cream for kids. It has a sweet, soothing smell.

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1 review for Comfort Salve

  1. Charity D.

    I am so thankful for this amazing healing product! A few months ago I burnt my face in several areas and I tried all my normal go to for burns and nothing would relieve the pain till I slathered this on all my burnt areas, within a few minutes it stopped burning and I was able to sleep! So very thankful! I kept it on thick till morning and I didn’t even scab which was a miracle because it was my wedding day 3 days later. I had no signs of burn and i know it had mostly to do with this amazing product! Thank you Harmony for making a product that works!

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