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Gentle Baby Oil


Gently created for delicate skin, using our custom Calendula/Plantain infused oils, Jojoba oil to feed hair/skin/nails and fractionated coconut oil to create a smooth application. This Gentle Baby Oil is ideal for baby massage or in bath water. Recommended to help address cradle cap, eczema, rashes and dry irritated skin.

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1 review for Gentle Baby Oil

  1. Charity D.

    Your babies skin will drink this stuff up and keep that delicate skin safe and rejuvenated, this stuff is the most natural skin oils you could use, its soaks in so fast to the skin you can hardly believe you just put it on. The smell is amazing too. This oil is amazing on your baby’s whole body but it’s amazing for your lady parts too! Multi purpose oil for sure! Gotta see for yourself how amazing this stuff is.

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